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Independent family owned business brewing award winning ales in Leicestershire for national distribution
Molson Coors
Great Brands, Great Service, Great People
The UK`s leading brewer of Premium Cask Ale with a complete portfolio of national and local hero ales
Bunzl Catering Supplies
Paper hygiene, janitorial supplies, light equipment, glassware, crockery, disposables and tableware
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About Quizmaster

Quick and easy access to over 30,000 quiz questions. Running quiz nights is a breeze with Quizmaster.


Package Features:


Jigsaw PieceSingle Page Quiz Rounds

Including Picture Rounds, Trivia Rounds, Table Rounds and Quick-fire Rounds


Jigsaw PieceCreate a Tailored Quiz

Create tailored rounds for your audience. Set the number of rounds, number of questions per round and categories you want to include, even swap out questions that you don't think are suitable.


Jigsaw PieceQuiz Guides

A great resource area for successful quiz nights. Including guides to running a quiz night to new ideas for quiz rounds.


Jigsaw PieceQuiz Night Posters

Advertise your upcoming quiz events, using the Quizmaster poster tool.



Jigsaw PieceFlexible Payment Options

Whether you run a weekly quiz night or just hold the occasional event, our flexible payment options ensure you get the most for your money. Choose from three options Pay-as-you-go, credit bundles or a monthly or yearly subscription.


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