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Independent family owned business brewing award winning ales in Leicestershire for national distribution
Molson Coors
Great Brands, Great Service, Great People
The UK`s leading brewer of Premium Cask Ale with a complete portfolio of national and local hero ales
Bunzl Catering Supplies
Paper hygiene, janitorial supplies, light equipment, glassware, crockery, disposables and tableware
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Heineken UK

Why Heineken UK? Heineken UK is a beer-led, drinks business. We operate in the international brewing sector and currently rank number three, by volume sales, in the world's top ten brewers.


Heineken UK has market leadership in three of the six largest beer markets in Europe - the UK, France and Russia. Europe continues to be the home of beer, representing a third of world volumes. We have three of the top ten beer brands in Europe.


In addition to these key international brands, our portfolio includes national market leaders, such as John Smith's and Strongbow.


Heineken UK works with other brewers and stakeholders to ensure brewing retains and develops its reputation as a responsible and sustainable industry.